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MEGA CARP INTERNATIONAL is the only specialist South African carp farm, offering world class carp for stocking recreational fishing Dams.  These world class fish have been known to reach 50kgs and more. For this reason, besides being excellent and incomparable angling fish, they are also outstanding and spectacular show stopping pond fish which can be placed into water bodies purely for viewing – even if angling is not the aim. 

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality carp with exceptional growth rates (see testimonials for actual growth rates) that will become true MONSTER carp.  We are dedicated to ensuring that carp and carp fishing in this country will thrive and reach a new level hitherto unseen in our country. Those who stock these Mega Carp will be delighted and be fully satisfied for years to come.

We wish to offer a complete service to all our customers as we aim to create lasting and successful relationships. Apart from being able to procure and stock superior world class fish, you can be sure they are properly sorted and graded, are disease free and that we will discuss the optimal conditions for the raising of the fish with you.  As part of our holistic service we have, in our pool of talents, members and associates who excel at improving any aquatic ecosystem and implementing long term fishery management plans so that your fishery can flourish and reach its incredible potential, along with the largest possible fish being in your waters. Confidential fishery management advice will help ensure your fishery is a success for generations to come.

Our carp have achieved 15kg/30lb in just 3 years . . . and we firmly believe that a South African 80lber is not far away. Our carp will soon begin to break records and continue to do so as the years roll on.

Fish Keeping

Our Shop

Our shop in Fourways has a range of stock and customers can view our many ponds with fish as well as fish keeping products and equipment:

  • Israeli and Japanese Koi
  • Hikari koi food and Mega Carp special mix
  • Tilapia food
  • Cichlid food
  • Indigenous fish
  • Goldfish including Oranda and Lion’s Head
  • Water plants
  • Coarse salt
  • Local and imported water-lilies
  • Bio filters
  • Dam liner
  • Pond vacuums
  • Pond test kits and chemicals
  • Low wattage and submersible pumps
  • Waterproofing agent
  • UV lights and tubes

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Frederick Sterzel

Founder & Owner

At the head of the organization is FREDERICK STERZEL who first became involved in breeding world class carp 22 years ago in 1997.  During the intervening years the carp strain has been improved. The international term used for the current carp strain is D on W and is considered the largest of angling carp.

Jaco & Kelly Matthee

General Manager & Technical Manager

Dave Charley  

Fishery Development Manager

Dave Charley is highly experienced Fishery manager. His work developing and managing freshwater fisheries back in his native UK has been the focus in recent years and now he’s bringing that knowledge and experience to South Africa with MEGA CARP. He specializes in creating the perfect aquatic environments for Carp to thrive in, so they can reach their massive potential, and developing venues into successful and well run fisheries.


Facilities Manager - Jaco Matthee
General Manager - Kelly Matthee

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We introduced 15 fish again on the 28th of October 2018 of which most were around 34cm in length and approximately 1kg. 6 months later two of the fish were caught at between 6kg and 6,6kg which only photographic evidence convinced people of the amazing growth rate of around 1kg per month.

Aqua Paradiso can vouch for the quality of fish produced by Mega Carp and we cannot wait to introduce another batch of 30 fish”.

Gilbert Foxcroft

4 Time World Carp Fishing Champion , Aqua Paradiso, Johannesburg

“The majority of the fish I obtained were stocked at an average weight of 0.300 to 0.750kg on 18 May 2018. One fish was caught in June 2019 @ 7.500kg just over 14months after initial stocking, this relates to a growth of over 6.8kgs in just over a year or an average of 0.526kg per month. Read Johan's full testimonial here 

Johan van der Westhuizen

Owner, Winelands Carp Fisheries, Cape Province

“Dave recently provided us with a comprehensive proposal to re-introduce Carp fish into our dams on the farm. The proposal was informative and well received.

We intend to implement his proposals and it is clear to us that Dave has extensive experience and expertise of an ecological nature and is well conversed with the introduction of freshwater fish, and more specifically Carp, that would flourish within an ideal environment. 

We hereby endorse his capabilities and expertise”.

Neil Maritz

Owner, Ubumanzi Game Lodge & Dam, Naboomspruit

At first when I met Dave I wondered what an Englishman could possibly teach me about a dam on my property in the country I've lived in my whole life. Turns out quite a lot, actually. 

I've found Dave to be incredibly knowledgeable about the eco system in the dam and he has given us valuable guidance in optimizing and managing the fishing business we run on the property. 

His motto of "there are no problems, only solutions" is truly inspiring and makes him a force of nature to work with. It is refreshing to meet someone who does not get stuck simply because he is presented with a curve ball. 

Thank you for the insight and guidance you have given us. It is truly appreciated”.

Louise van der Merwe

Owner, Lapaside - Carp Fishing Syndicate - Pretoria

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Shop / General Queries – Dawn 082 441 5720

Carp & Koi Queries – Frederick 082 870 3189 

Facilities Manager – Jaco Matthee 064 604 4758 
 General Manager – Kelly Matthee 064 604 4758

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