“The majority of the fish I obtained were stocked at an average weight of 0.300 to 0.750kg on 18 May 2018. One fish was caught in June 2019 @ 7.500kg just over 14months after initial stocking, this relates to a growth of over 6.8kgs in just over a year or an average of 0.526kg per month.

             I also sampled another mirror carp whilst doing netting and management on 1 of my dams and this fish completely blew the average growth rates apart at a weight of 8.100kg! Its initial weight was 0.300kg on the 18th of May 0f 2018 and now weighed 8.100kg on 14 May 2019. A growth of 7.800kg in just under a year or an average of 0.650kg growth per month! – Quite amazing

“This conclusion is quite astonishing to think that young 1 year old carp are the same size of the average biggest carp currently being caught in the Cape! – Imagine to what gigantic proportions these carp can grow and it would not be unrealistic to say that these carp can grow to 60-80lbs monsters in 5-8years.

I predict that these fish will continue to grow at a rate of 3-5kg per year in the correct conditions and that my venues will produce 35lbs+ Mega Carp in the next 2-3 years.

    My advice to fellow Carpers that want to start their own venue or currently managing their own; do it the correct way from the start and buy carp from Mega Carp, don’t stock your venue with old fish from foreign dams these fish might carry diseases or might be old fish already passed their growth peak – by this your will have better results in a shorter time period at less the cost of doing it all over again.

Contact the guys from Mega Carp to get the correct strain of fish, they offer the best options to start or improve your venue.

Conclusion: Correct strain + the correct management + healthy conditions = Big Carp – these are the main factors to success”.