We grow and sell a variety of imported and  indigious waterlilies and others aquatic plants

Our Waterlilies

All water lilies need to be planted in very nutrient dense heavy clay soil or aquatic soil preferably in a minimum of 10L elliptical shaped mesh pots as other pots may stunt the growth.  Fill the basket approximately ¾ full with clay or aquatic soil.  Position the rhizome in the center and leave about ¼ of the crown sticking out.  Do not bury the rhizome completely as it will rot.  Top with a thin layer of gravel so that the soil does not wash away or get disturbed by fish  

Available Waterlilies

Rose Pink

This hardy water-lily with its beautifully shaped pale pink flower looks perfect in any pond.  The star-shaped flower has an average sweet fragrance with numerous petals growing lighter towards the outer edges and grows up to 17cm.  

Black Madonna

This hardy water-lily has a gorgeous, small, wine-coloured flower, growing up to 10cm.  Its star shaped flower which gets progressively lighter towards the outer edges, has a slightly sweet fragrance.

Ruby Red

This hardy water-lily is very striking, with its large double fushia-pink petals leading into an almost black center.   It is a cup shaped flower growing up to 15cm with a slightly sweet fragrance.  It is an average bloomer and does best in large containers.

Electric Yellow

This hardy water-lily has a bright yellow, sweetly fragranced, star shaped flower growing up to 17cm on long, upright stalks. It is a prolific bloomer, with an average growth rate, requiring up to 1.2m to spread. 

Nordic Salmon

This hardy water-lily is one of the most beautiful to look at and also flowers the longest.  A star-shaped flower, its long delicate petals are dark peach in colour with a strong fragrance. It has a fast growth rate and requires up to 1.5m surface area. 

Lily Care  

Water lilies prefer FULL SUN in order to thrive and increase the number of blooms.  Although Waterlilies prefer still water they tolerate gently flowing rivers with a little turbulence but excessive splashing and quick flowing water is not their preferred environment. Although your waterlilies can be fertilized, keeping fish in the same pond as your waterlilies would suffice as the fish fertilize the waterlilies whilst fertilizing your waterlilies with artificial fertilizer can kill fish.   Should you purchase waterlilies from Mega Carp our friendly staff will advise you on your Lily care. 



We are able to courier to you anywhere in South Africa

The waterlily rhizomes will be couriered to you in a cardboard box.  The rhizomes of each separate colour will be placed together in a bag which will seal in moisture. 

A 40 cm (L) x 27 cm (W) x 20.5 cm (H) box contains a maximum of 25 water-lily rhizomes and has an approximate weight of 12.6 kg.

Please contact us for a quote. Courier fees are dependent on where the package is being shipped to

The below pictures detail how your water lily rhizomes will be couriered to you.


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