Fish Keeping

Mega Carp International stocks and sells a wide variety of Fish keeping equipment including pumps, filtration systems, food and accessories you will need. 

Our Shop

Our shop in Fourways has a range of stock and customers can view our many ponds with fish as well as fish keeping products and equipment:

  • Israeli and Japanese Koi
  • Hikari koi food and Mega Carp special mix
  • Tilapia food
  • Cichlid food
  • Indigenous fish
  • Goldfish including Oranda and Lion’s Head
  • Water plants
  • Coarse salt
  • Local and imported water-lilies
  • Bio filters
  • Dam liner
  • Pond vacuums
  • Pond test kits and chemicals
  • Low wattage and submersible pumps
  • Waterproofing agent
  • UV lights and tubes

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